Lenovo appoints Doug Fisher as Chief Security & AI Officer

In 2023, Lenovo unveiled its vision of “Smarter AI for All,” focused on unleashing the power of AI to drive intelligent transformation in every aspect of people’s lives and providing technology, solutions, and services that empower industries, enterprises, and individuals around the world. Lenovo recognizes that the realization of this vision hinges upon its steadfast adherence to principles that guarantee the responsible, ethical, and safe development, deployment, and utilization of AI.

Lenovo is pleased to announce Doug Fisher’s expanded role as Lenovo’s Chief Security and AI Officer, reporting to Lenovo’s CEO. In his newly expanded role, Fisher will lead Lenovo’s Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) governance by championing Lenovo’s AI Policy and working alongside Lenovo’s Responsible AI Committee. Lenovo chartered the Responsible AI Committee in 2022 with diverse leaders from across Lenovo’s business. The Responsible AI Committee is charged with evaluating Lenovo’s AI solutions against the key pillars of diversity and inclusion, environmental and social impact, accountability and reliability, transparency, explainability, privacy, and security.

“Security and privacy are two of our top priorities as we lead innovation and transformation in the age of AI,” Fisher recently shared. “Lenovo’s AI Policy ensures that our customers and partners and the broader community can trust the AI solutions we provide.”

At its core, the policy aims to support the most important pillars of Responsible AI at Lenovo:

  • Lenovo will not use AI in ways that harm people or put them or their rights at risk;
  • Lenovo will ensure that our AI is fair, transparent, explainable, and efficient
  • Lenovo will protect people’s privacy at all stages of the AI Lifecyle;

Lenovo’s AI will be developed and used with robust security protections. Lenovo has already aligned itself to proactively demonstrate responsibility and accountability in the AI space, committing to the Canadian Government’s Voluntary Commitment to Responsible, Ethical Generative AI, UNESCO’s Commitment to and Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, and the Cercle InterElles Commitment to Responsible and Gender-Equitable Artificial Intelligence.

To support Lenovo’s commitment to Smarter AI for All, the company is connecting communities around the world and NGOs to learn more about the quickly evolving AI space. While also working with third parties to develop AI solutions for under-represented communities including real-time interpretation of Libras, the Brazilian sign language, and working with the Scott-Morgan Foundation to develop an avatar that creates new communication possibilities for people with severe disabilities.

Lenovo is focused on ensuring the future of AI meets its full potential as a benefit to humanity. Lenovo has also harnessed the power of AI for sustainability, with real-time tracking of emissions across its value chain and an AI-powered advisor to support customers’ sustainability decisions across the IT lifecycle.