Stellantis Announces Leadership Adjustments to Support New Strategic Activities in China

Effective today, Grégoire Olivier will take the responsibility of a newly created ‘liaison office’ to Leapmotor, reporting to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares. He will also serve as a board member of Leapmotor. Grégoire will ensure the dynamic execution of this new strategic partnership, including the creation of the sales joint venture and the coordination with Leapmotor on the use of Stellantis distribution and sales assets, to name a few.

Doug Ostermann will be appointed Chief Operating Officer of China, reporting to Carlos Tavares, replacing Grégoire. Doug will also serve as a board member of Leapmotor. Doug has acquired a strong knowledge of Stellantis’ operations, and of the challenges of growing the business in the competitive Chinese context. He has proved his agility, negotiating skills and resilience, and is ready to take on this operational responsibility. Doug most recently served as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Strategy in China.

“In order to ensure the perfect execution of our recently announced strategic initiative with Leapmotor, we have decided to adapt our organization in China, relying on two very skilled top executives. Grégoire and Doug have been working hand-in-hand over the last two years to craft a new strategy and open new ways of growing our business and I trust both of them to give a new impetus in their respective roles,” said Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares.