Hyundai Motor Works With Medical Centers in Korea To Utilize Its Wearable Robot ‘X-ble MEX’ for Patient Rehabilitation

  • Hyundai Motor to partner with Asan Medical Center and National Rehabilitation Center on patient support and joint research using the ‘X-ble MEX’ wearable robot
  • The two-year partnerships strive to empower paraplegic patients by providing them with access to advanced levels of mobility
  • ‘X-ble MEX’ has completed medical device certification in Korea and is currently undergoing certification in the U.S.
  • The robot to assist the mobility of people with disabilities, with the goal of extending its potential impact on medical rehabilitation 

 – Hyundai Motor Company and Asan Medical Center today celebrated the donation of Hyundai Motor’s medical wearable robot ‘X-ble MEX’ for patient support and cooperative research.

Hyundai Motor signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Asan Medical Center and Citizens’ Coalition for Safety in March. The agreement establishes a two-year commitment to deliver rehabilitation services for paraplegic patients with two wearable robots and conduct collaborative research using the company’s future mobility device.

“Under the vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’, Hyundai Motor is committed to providing diverse mobility platforms utilizing our assistive robotic technology,” said Dooha Choi, Head of Business Strategy Planning Sub-Division at Hyundai Motor. “To that end, we will actively integrate numerous future mobility technologies to improve the quality of life for those who are socially disadvantaged.”

The ‘X-ble MEX’ is a wearable medical robot Hyundai Robotics Lab developed to help with lower muscle reconstruction and joint mobility recovery. This wearable robot is especially beneficial for paraplegic patients because it helps with a wide range of movements, such as walking on flat surfaces, climbing stairs, sitting and standing.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) in Korea has granted approval for the robot to be used as a medical device, and it is currently undergoing certification in the U.S. Its power source, the battery, has also been tested to ensure it is safe for users.

‘X-ble’ is the brand of Hyundai Robotics Lab’s wearable robot for medical and industrial purposes. The name comes from the combination of the letter ‘X’, representing the infinite potential of robotics technology, and the word ‘able’, signifying the capability to make anything happen. The launch of ‘X-ble MEX’ is the first product in the lineup, with plans to further expand the product range in the future.

Hyundai Motor also signed an MOU with the National Rehabilitation Center in Korea this month. The partnerships with the medical centers will help determine the exoskeleton robot’s potential contribution to medical rehabilitation.

Hyundai Motor has been carrying out global CSV (creating shared value) activities under the overarching ‘Hyundai Continue’ initiative launched in 2022. ‘Hyundai Continue’ conveys Hyundai Motor’s unwavering commitment toward a sustainable future. The company is now trying to support the free mobility of people with disabilities through cooperation and the development of mobility technologies.