JD Health Launches Online Skin Hospital, Providing Easy Health Solutions for 1.2 Billion People in China

JD Health officially launched its online skin hospital on April 22, offering easy and reliable healthcare solutions for a wide range of skin conditions to 1.2 billion people in China. The telemedicine service is designed to address various skin issues, from minor ailments and chronic conditions to early detection of serious illnesses, through online consultations and expert advice for complex cases.

In 2022, JD Health’s data showed that among the over 100 million online medical consultations it provided, skin-related consultations accounted for 15 percent or 15 million of these cases. High demand for treatment of common conditions like eczema, acne, and hair loss prompted JD Health to transform its existing dermatology center into an all-encompassing online skin hospital.

The platform now features online clinics operated by 30 leading experts in the field, in addition to over 3,000 dermatologists from China’s top-tier AAA hospitals. A dedicated team of full-time dermatologists ensures around-the-clock support for user inquiries.

JD Health’s online skin hospital includes seven specialized clinics focused on pediatrics, geriatrics, traditional Chinese medicine, acne, allergies, hair loss, and challenging miscellaneous diseases.

The hospital also incorporates JD Health’s advanced digital knowledge system into its diagnostic and treatment processes.. For example, AI-powered skin testing and acne management tools enable users to obtain skin reports within five seconds of uploading a photo. These tools facilitate more accurate symptom descriptions during online consultations, enabling doctors to better understand patients’ conditions and offer professional advice. The acne management tool further enhances the treatment experience with personalized medication and skincare recommendations based on AI-assisted medical follow-up services.

The online skin hospital has developed standardized diagnostic and treatment pathways, drawing from its experience in online consultations addressing skin conditions, medication solutions, and lifestyle and dietary advice. Comprehensive quality control measures are in place to ensure the efficiency and safety of the entire medical service process.

Yanan Hu, Head of JD Health’s Specialized Medical Department, emphasized that skin conditions are well-suited for online diagnosis and treatment, as the majority do not necessitate in-person surgical intervention and can be addressed with medication. Patients can benefit from online consultations, diagnoses, and follow-up treatment and management, making the platform an ideal end-to-end online solution.

With over 3,000 identified skin conditions worldwide, the prevalence of skin diseases in China is alarmingly high, exceeding 70%. Approximately 150 million people experience skin issues each year, while over 900 million belong to sub-healthy groups, resulting in a demand for skin health services that reach around 1.2 billion people. Chronic skin conditions account for a significant portion of cases, with many characterized by seasonally recurring symptoms that require long-term management and regular medical visits.

In addition to the revamped online skin hospital, JD Health has established 27 specialized medical centers on its platform to address conditions such as kidney disease, respiratory issues, tumors, endocrinology, gynecology, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, among others.