Henkel launches improved formula of Loctite PC 7218, locally produced in Australia

Henkel, a global leader of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings has commenced the production of Loctite PC 7218 Wearing Compound in Australia. The adhesives are produced at the plant in Kilsyth, Australia, for customers in Australia and New Zealand -with the potential to extend the supply to Southeast Asia.

Loctite PC 7218 Wearing Compound is a two-part, grey, epoxy-based surface coating for metals that protects against coarse particle abrasion or erosion, or for rebuilding worn parts. The new and improved formula is safer for the environment and for workers to apply in confined spaces. It does not pose a serious health risk from accidental inhalation and will not cause harm to aquatic life.

The Australian-made Loctite PC 7218 Wearing Compound will help customers reduce downtime and improve supply chain reliability. The cardboard packaging of the outer box will no longer be required for deliveries within the country, thus reducing an estimated 10,000 kg of paper waste annually.

“As a global leader in the adhesives market, Henkel is continuously developing new and innovative solutions to serve a wide range of industries. Producing Loctite PC 7218 Wearing Compound locally is a key part of our commitment to create value through our operations and supply chain infrastructure, and specifically designed to meet the growing demand of our customers,” shared Matt Greaves, General Manager, General Manufacturing & Maintenance, Henkel Adhesive Technologies Australia & New Zealand.

Loctite PC 7218 Wearing Compound is used in many sectors, such as mining, power, steel and cement. It is a protective coating that can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces. Additionally,  it is suitable for chemical attack applications and renews worn surfaces quickly.

“Now that we have embarked on the local production of Loctite PC 7218 Wearing Compound in Australia, it has opened doors for us to locally produce other adhesives like Loctite PC 9313 High Impact Wearing Compound in the later part of the year. Through the excellent collaboration from our operations, production and supply chain teams, we are able to further expand our capabilities and provide comprehensive solutions for our customers,” added Greaves.