Carrier Transicold Launches its Lynx Fleet Digital Platform in China Providing Refrigerated Fleets with Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities

Carrier Transicold has launched its Lynx™ Fleet digital platform in China providing refrigerated trucking operations more comprehensive monitoring capabilities for their refrigerated trucks and trailers. Lynx Fleet is part of Carrier’s award-winning Lynx global ecosystem, which applies advanced internet of things (IoT) analytics, machine learning and big data technologies to connect the cold chain in the cloud, automate key processes and deliver real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo’s journey. Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

“Accurate and proper temperature control is essential for cold chain transport, and Lynx Fleet provides our customers with capabilities to meet the sensitive temperature requirements of vaccines, biological preparations and pharmaceutical goods,” said Michael Gao, General Manager, Carrier Transicold China.

Remote functionalities include monitoring and controlling the functions of the refrigeration unit, such as turning it on/off, temperature settings, defrost settings, and status monitoring.

Lynx Fleet is equipped with a multi-mode positioning system that provides real-time monitoring and feedback. This enables effective dual-map navigation, positioning and tracking of fleet locations, and recording of fleet trajectories. During transport, Lynx Fleet monitors the operating status of the truck’s refrigerated compartment in real time. If a fault is detected in the refrigeration unit, the system will proactively alert the user. Remote diagnosis allows customers to alert the nearest service station for complex problems, reducing overhead and maintenance costs during cold chain transport.

In addition, the status of refrigeration units, compartment temperature and humidity, as well as system abnormalities, are recorded and stored in real time on Lynx Fleet for easy access.

To facilitate user management, Lynx Fleet offers functional permissions for accounts at different levels, providing one system for the whole company. Executives can use Lynx Fleet to provide technical support for cold chain transportation such as navigation, operation and maintenance, while managers can analyze and review the operation status of the fleet, cargo compartments and refrigeration units, which can help provide data support for decision making.

Carrier Transicold launched the Lynx Fleet platform in China at the 15th annual Global Cold Chain Summit, organized by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) and the Global Cold Chain Alliance in China.