ABB India introduces next generation compact drive specialized for HVACR systems

ABB India launches its next generation compact drive, ACH180, for HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) equipment. As the newest addition to ABB’s HVACR drive portfolio, the ACH180 enables expert control of high-efficiency motors, while utilizing a compact design for space savings, lower capital expenditure and easier commissioning.

With the current climate impact, there is a rising need for effective heating and cooling systems in India. While it is crucial that these systems have a sharp focus on boosting comfort and safety, they must also ensure energy savings, in line with the country’s ambitious plans to reduce emissions.

“The launch of this new drive is a great addition to our portfolio of all-compatible drives. This also reflects our efforts to really focus on offering energy-efficient solutions to highly energy intensive industries while ensuring that the solution meets the industry-specific needs,” said A.R. Madhusudan, President, Drive Products, ABB India.

ABB’s new drive is designed for commercial buildings such as data centers, hotels, and shopping malls. The ACH180 drive’s design will allow operators to run motors based on the HVACR process demands, rather than running them at full speed and reducing output using mechanical controls like throttles or dampers. This greatly decreases energy consumption and CO? emissions. With a built-in filter to lower high-frequency emissions, it allows the drive to be used in industrial or domestic environments without the need to buy and install additional external filters.

It supports the control of various motor types, including permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance motors like IE5 EC Titanium™ by ABB, permanent magnet motors, and conventional induction motors. Further, onboard communication protocols, including BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU, offer compatibility with a wide range of building automation systems (BAS) or OEM controllers.

The ACH180 is suitable for a wide range of HVACR applications, including air handlers, fan arrays, heat pumps, compressors, and pumps, minimizing the cost and complexity of using a drive. These drives are designed for harsh conditions such as 60°C ambient temperature with derating, making the ACH180 a better choice for customers expecting high reliability. With features like the fireman’s override which allows the fire service to take control of the installed drives controlling fans to help maintain escape routes, the new range of drives ensure high standards of safety for personnel and people.

The drive is available on February 15, 2024, and has been launched at ACREX 2024 in India – South Asia’s largest exhibition on air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and intelligent buildings. The exhibition is taking place from February 15 to February 17, 2024.