Bangkok – XPENG Motors (“XPENG” or the “Company,” NYSE: XPEV and HKEX: 9868) and Neo Mobility Asia, a joint venture between Arun Plus Group and MGC-ASIA, officially announced the strategic partnership with 12 dealers at the contract signing ceremony in Thailand. This milestone marked a new chapter for XPENG’s international strategy in the Thai and Southeast Asian markets.

Join Hands in Thailand to Create Complete EV Ecosystems

In March, XPENG announced its ASEAN partnership in Thailand. At this time, XPENG organized the ceremony where it appointed the first group of official partners in Bangkok, Thailand and surrounding areas, as well as the main provinces and cities, totaling 12 by gradually starting to open services in the 3rd quarter of 2024.

To strengthen the partnership network to build trust and maximize the satisfaction of customers, XPENG plans to launch a showroom with a service center in Thailand. The fully equipped showroom allows customers to learn about the innovations of XPENG’s smart electric vehicles.

Mr. Jason Ding, XPENG International Director of Asia Pacific, said: “We are delighted to appoint partners for XPENG in Thailand. It is an important step for XPENG. In the Southeast Asian market, XPENG is one of the leaders in producing smart electric vehicles and is favored by customers at all levels who are passionate about cutting-edge technology. We hope that with the potential of the Arun Plus Group and MGC-ASIA and all partner networks, XPENG will achieve more wonderful results here.”

Partnership Brings More Premium Service to Thailand

Apiwan Singthaweesak, CEO of XPENG Thailand, said, “XPENG is a brand of intelligent electric vehicles that is ready to answer lifestyle’s needs in using electric cars in the future. XPENG has received feedback from many of those interested in applying to become a partner, and today we are pleased to announce the official signing of contracts appointing 12 partners for XPENG in Thailand under the same standards.”

XPENG is leading the market with its intelligent and human-centric technologies. The G6, an ultra-smart coupe SUV, comes with 800-volt supercharging capability, a standard range of 580km, and a long range of 755km, has kicked off marketing in Thailand. Neo Mobility Asia is also ready to support the business operations of partners with the strengths of the Arun Plus Group and MGC-ASIA’s expertise in the automotive business, which understands the needs of customers and is ready to deliver the best service.

XPENG reinforces its commitment to customers in Thailand through intelligent electric vehicles and continuous investment in advanced EV technologies. At the same time, XPENG is in the process of selecting partners in key areas to cover after-sales services for owners of smart electric vehicles. In the future, through cooperation with partners, XPENG is bound to become a leading smart EV brand that truly wins the hearts of Thai consumers.