Taiwan’s First Heavy Ion Therapy System Starts Treatment at Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Hitachi’s First Heavy Ion System outside of Japan

Tokyo – Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, “Hitachi”) announced today that it has delivered a heavy ion therapy system to Taipei Veterans General Hospital and the system has started treatment as of May 15. This marks the first operation of heavy ion therapy system in Taiwan and Hitachi’s first heavy ion therapy system outside of Japan.

This system has been installed in the new Heavy Ion Therapy Center of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, consisting of two treatment rooms, each equipped with vertical and horizontal ports. It also includes real time image gating motion management, enabling it to treat tumors in motion due to respiration and advanced spot scanning technology to irradiate even tumors with complex shapes with high precision.

Founded in 1958, aiming to become a world-class medical facility, Taipei Veterans General Hospital has continued to provide higher quality medical services for more than 60 years and is recognized around the world as “Taiwan’s leading medical center”. Recognized as an advanced type of cancer radiotherapy, this heavy ion therapy system is intended to address the unmet cancer treatment demand beyond the capacity of existing proton therapy systems in Taiwan.

Hitachi’s particle therapy systems can be found in leading hospitals around the world. With over 85,000 patients* treated to date, the systems have an excellent reputation for reliability. In addition to the Heavy Ion therapy solution delivered to Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Hitachi provides products and services with higher performance and added value, ranging from the dedicated compact Proton Single Room Solution to the Hybrid System combined with the capabilities of proton and carbon therapy.

By promoting its healthcare business together with Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Hitachi supports patient-friendly treatment and improvement of the quality of life (QoL) for cancer patients in Taiwan. It will continue to accelerate the globalization of its particle therapy system business and contribute to the further development of minimally invasive cancer treatments.

*Statistics based on data up to December 2021 published on the PTCOG’s website.