Otis Korea Completes Modernization Project at Namsan Seoul Tower

Iconic landmark required special care to replace elevator used by millions of visitors each year.

Seoul, South Korea – Otis Elevator Korea (hereinafter “Otis Korea”; Vice President and Managing Director, IS Cho) recently finished the modernization of an elevator at the Namsan Seoul Tower, a popular tourist destination in Seoul.

Namsan Seoul Tower is a multi-functional cultural space located in the Yongsan-gu area of Seoul that hosts 12 million visitors each year. Otis Korea was awarded the contract to replace the high-speed elevator at Namsan Seoul Tower after maintaining it for three decades.

The landmark tower includes a facility with many tracks and broadcasting equipment in the hoistway where the elevator operated. This particular unit was also used to take visitors to the tower’s observation deck, so the work required extra careful inspection with a focus on passenger safety.

The Otis Korea task force team completed the challenging work thanks to thorough planning during multiple site visits, detailed technical proposals, and diligent safety protocols. At the conclusion of the project, Namsan Seoul Tower presented Otis Korea and the task force team with a plaque of appreciation and a certificate of commendation for their efforts.

“This project was quite significant for us because we were able to support the mobility of visitors who visit one of Korea’s most iconic landmarks,” said Charles Keum, Director of MOD for Otis Korea and leader of the task force team. “We are grateful to Namsan Seoul Tower for their active cooperation in ensuring a smooth construction process. And through our ongoing equipment maintenance we will help to keep visitors moving safely and efficiently through the tower for years to come.”