SGS Opens Large State-of-the-Art Automotive and Consumer Electronic Testing Facility in Pune, India

In October 2022, we opened a new, larger state-of-the-art testing facility for both the automotive and consumer electronics sectors in Chakan, Pune, India. The site includes laboratories dedicated to metallurgy, polymer, chemical and environmental testing, dynamics, airbag deployment and electromagnetic capability (EMC)/electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing. It is the only laboratory in India offering complete automation for device under test (DUT) and sample monitoring.

The Chakan laboratory is strategically positioned near Pune, a major hub for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive supply chains. This reduces logistical costs and improves turnaround times. It is available 24/7 and can handle high capacities while delivering fast and accurate results. 

To support clients, the site has an in-house customer lounge and pantry, and a guest room is available for overnight stays. There is also a dedicated engineering room where customers can debug and rework their products, saving travel time.