Dow features seven new high-performing and sustainable technologies at in-cosmetics Asia 2022

Bangkok, Thailand – Dow (NYSE: Dow) will showcase seven high performing and sustainable new technologies to expand its personal care portfolio at in-cosmetics Asia 2022, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand from November 1st – 3rd at booth K30. Moreover, the team will display a series of innovative and inspiring formulations that will help brand owners to meet the growing demand for more sustainable cosmetic ingredients.

At booth K30, scientific and marketing experts are looking forward to sharing their scientific know-how, consumer knowledge and regulatory expertise and visitors are invited to discover the unique performance of Dow’s offering – one of the broadest portfolios in the personal care industry.

“Dow’s products featured in in-cosmetics Asia are uniquely developed and aligned with the latest beauty trends in the region,” said Isabel Almiro do Vale, Global Strategic Market Director of Dow Personal Care. “The ingredients being introduced today provide superior and multi-functional benefits across both hair and skin care formulations while delivering on consumer demands for affordable products that are safe for humans and the environment.”

  • CD-1 Polymer: A highly effective bio-derived and renewable deposition aid that boost a shampoo´s conditioning effectiveness using silicones or natural oils as benefit agent.
  • MaizeCare™ Clarity Polymer: The unique corn-based ingredient enables the creation of crystal-clear hair styling formulations while offering versatility from low to high hair fixation, consistent curl retention, and new and desirable compatibility with carbomer. Furthermore, it has a good potential as a transparent film former for cosmetic applications.
  • EcoSmooth™ Rice Husk Cosmetic Powder: Upcycled from non-GMO natural sources, the white silica powder delivers a unique sensorial experience and optical benefits like blurring imperfections. A must add to many common skincare, color cosmetics, and hair care formulations.
  • EcoSmooth™ Universal Fluid 1100: A new biodegradable and biobased carrier fluid suitable for color cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and deodorant applications. The innovation of this material combines its effectiveness in formulations as well as its unique production process which includes upcycled waste after crop harvesting. By combining performance and greener process Dow creates double value for people and planet
  • EcoSense™ GL-60 HL Surfactant and EcoSense™ GL-60 HA Surfactant: The two naturally derived (>99% bio-derived) bio-surfactants with emulsifying properties enable the creation of highly desirable mild cleansing products. Shampoo, face wash, body wash, and leave-on products like body lotion can feel even more comfortable on the skin and scalp. EcoSense™ GL-60 HL/HA Surfactants are non-GMO, sugar based and exhibits >60% biodegradation within 28 days per OECD 301F. An excellent fit to minimize environmental impact, allowing naturally derived formulations creation without compromise on performance.
  • DOWSIL™ 979 Emulsion: Developed with a sustainable focus, low cyclics content, and lower ecotoxicity than many of the emulsions containing quaternary-based surfactants, this product delivers the high-performance benefits, like reduced friction, enhanced dry or wet combing and restored hydrophobicity, as well as color protection and reduced hair breakage in conditioners, leave-in, and shampoo formats.

“The beauty and personal care industry are anticipated to rebound, and Asia Pacific remains as the exciting growth region. We are excited to launch seven new high-performing and sustainable technologies that will help our customers to create the next generation differentiating products that improve everyday living while sustaining the environment.” said Cedric Toh, Global Segment Leader and Regional Marketing Manager for Dow Personal Care. “We are committed to deliver a sustainable future for the world by connecting and collaborating with our partners to find new options for materials that make life better for everyone.”

At the booth, customers can also discover the new ECOllaboration Concepts Collection and Natural Cosmetics Collection, which focuses on the three key pillars of natural beauty: ecology, economic development, and eco-conscious mindset. These collections will inspire brand owners to create personal care solutions with outstanding performance that achieve a minimum natural origin content of 90% and are both inclusive and safe for people and the planet.