Huawei Empower digital transformation with a dedicated team of 1000 people and 400 partners in Hong Kong

It has been 27 years since Huawei entered Hong Kong market. The entity was officially established in 2000. The company grows from just a few employees to around 1000 employees, 300-400 of those are R&D professionals. Now the size of Huawei’s Hong Kong branch is even larger than many listed holdings in Hong Kong. Huawei Hong Kong, working closely with their partners, is dedicating its efforts to helping corporates and governments to accelerate digital transformation.

In this month’s tech event, Mr. Denny Deng, CEO (Hong Kong) and Mr. Alex Wong, Deputy CEO (Hong Kong), Huawei International shared their insights on the hot topics including: How Huawei boosts the development of Hong Kong’s Innovation Industry; Huawei goals and positioning of Huawei Hong Kong Research Centre, Cybersecurity, and how Huawei empowers digital transformation.

So, what’s Huawei’s vision and mission in Hong Kong?

Denny Deng said “Our philosophy is ‘IN HONG KONG, FOR HONG KONG’. We want to bring happiness to Hong Kong citizens and promoting the industries’ development of Hong Kong. ‘IN HONG KONG, FOR HONG KONG’ is an important mission and a starting point for Huawei and its team in Hong Kong. We bring Huawei’s leading ICT solutions to Hong Kong market and serve four types of customers: Operators, Enterprises, Huawei Cloud, and Huawei Digital Energy.

Our objective is to help Hong Kong identify its development path by leveraging Huawei’s influence and its R&D capabilities. Huawei played an important role during the height of the pandemic last year, our company collaborates with over 400 partners to help the Hong Kong government fight against the COVID-19. As a service provider, one of Huawei’s strengths is its ability to aggregate such a board range of business areas. Secondly, Huawei has a full range of solutions from 5G, fixed network access, cloud, digital energy, and can achieve security, autonomy, and controllability.

We took on a heavy social responsibility during the fifth wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong in 2022. Most of my team of over 1000 people have devoted themselves to helping the government fight against the epidemic. We look for a long-team partnership and relationship.

This year, we have taken our goals to a higher level. On the basis of ‘In Hong Kong, for Hong Kong’, we have put forward a new slogan, which is ‘Together, We’re Building for Tomorrow’. The first point of this slogan demonstrates Huawei’s openness, which is also reflected in our booth design. All are open and transparent, and people can come and visit at any time. Huawei’s openness is also reflected in our willingness to share our own technology and capabilities with our partners for cooperations. As I mentioned earlier, we have over 400 partners, all of whom can benefit from working with Huawei. ”he added.

From the center to the edge, Huawei’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure converges device, pipe, and cloud technologies, working seamlessly to build up a digital ecosystem that promotes joint innovation, mutually shared resources, and mutually shared success. Within this ecosystem, Huawei works with its partners to digitally transform every industry, creating new value — together.

Since its foundation in 2011, the Huawei Enterprise Business Group (BG) has maintained steady growth, earning the trust of more and more global customers and partners. By end-2021, 267 Fortune Global 500 companies and over 700 cities had chosen Huawei as their preferred digital transformation partner.

Huawei’s exploration of the future for industrial digital transformation focuses on three perspectives: scenarios, models, and ecosystems. In 2021, Huawei released 11 scenario-based solutions for key industries including government services, transportation, finance, energy, and manufacturing. By end-2021, Huawei had developed more than 100 scenario-based solutions, covering more than 10 industries.

In the future, Huawei will continue to increase investment in its partners, focusing on partner profitability, policy simplification, partner capability improvement, digital tools and equipment, and overall ecosystem health. Huawei will enhance partner cooperation and ecosystem operations to lay a solid foundation for rapid growth and long-term development for all.