SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company (SABIC AN) participated as an Elite sponsor in the IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, from October 10 to 12, engaging with the global fertilizer industry and conveying the company’s commitment to strictly follow sustainable practices and pursue its ambitious carbon neutrality strategy.

The theme of the conference centered on the question: “How should the industry best prepare itself to accelerate its sustainably transformation while helping to feed the world?”

SABIC AN’s participation was built around its values and mission of contributing to global food security through its range of sustainable agri-nutrient solutions. SABIC AN is achieving its mission by strengthening its position as a leading player in the global agri-nutrients industry and, at the same time, exploring solutions to meet its carbon neutrality targets of decarbonizing its operations by 2050.

Commenting on the company’s participation in the region-specific conference, Yazeed Al-Angari, Vice President, Business, SABIC AN, said, “Our goal is to build on our strengths in the Asia Pacific market as part of our efforts to become a truly global player in the fertilizer industry. While our aspirations are to reach markets across all regions, we remain fully focused on being a company with a strong local understanding. We are fully committed to contributing toward achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture by developing environment-friendly agri-nutrient products that help in preserving water and improving yield.”

Al-Angari, who joined prominent leaders from the fertilizer industry at the conference, tapped the opportunity to highlight how SABIC AN is focusing on producing the next generation of more environmentally conscious and economically sustaining fertilizers. While engaging with customers, he underlined the company’s strategy to include blending and distribution of agri-nutrients in the global markets and move closer to farmers and end customers.

The conference, which was held under the guidance of the International Fertilizer Association board members of the region, featured keynote speakers on strategic issues, besides sessions on regional fertilizer supply and agriculture and agronomic matters. There was a full day dedicated to the outlook for Southeast Asian markets.