Cargill and Global Water Challenge (GWC) partner to promote environmental sustainability in Gujarat

Together embark on a three-year afforestation commitment covering 7.5 acres of land in Bhimsar

• Project includes planting and diligent maintenance of 3000 saplings, creating a lasting environment impact

Bhimsar, Gujarat – To foster environmental preservation and sustainability, Cargill and the Global Water Challenge (GWC), a non-profit organization, today announced a ‘Holistic Rural Development’ project in Bhimsar village in Kandla, Gujarat. Together they have embarked on a transformative afforestation project covering 7.5 acres of land over three years in Bhimsar that will protect the biodiversity of plants, allowing sustenance of ecosystems. This project will be instrumental in improving soil quality, improved water table besides air quality improvement in Bhimsar and surrounding areas. Anarde Foundation, an NGO in Gujarat, as the implementation partner, will be planting and maintaining 3000 saplings throughout the project duration of three years.

The initiative was marked with a tree plantation ceremony today in the presence of representatives from the local gram panchayat and Cargill leadership including Simon George, president of Cargill in India.

Talking about the collaboration, Simon George, president of Cargill in India said, “Our commitment to environmental sustainability continues to drive us forward. Through collaboration with GWC, we are actively restoring and safeguarding critical water resources in India, aligning seamlessly with our vision. Cargill is proactively reducing greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 & 2) by transitioning from coal to biomass fuel and harnessing solar and wind energy across our operations in India. With well-defined targets and a diverse range of initiatives, we are advancing toward our sustainability goals. Through these efforts, we’re committed towards making a substantial contribution to preserving natural resources and advancing Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.”

The aim of this partnership between Cargill and GWC is to enhance water security, improving water availability, quality, and access to create substantial positive impact. This endeavor will yield several key outcomes in the Bhimsar region including (1) improved groundwater levels facilitated by recharge shafts and trenches, (2) increased capacity for surface water storage through the desilting of existing water bodies and (3) advancement of local community livelihoods alongside bolstered overall water security for the region.

“Anarde Foundation ‘s need based sustainable social sector interventions will uplift quality of life in these villages. We believe in committing what we can deliver, and delivering what we commit. We look forward to being the implementation partner for Cargill India”, said a spokesperson from Anarde Foundation.