Wukong-Huahua AI Fine-Tuning and Application Competition Kicks Off

The MindSpore Open Source Community Gathers Global Developers to Build AI Ecosystems

[Shenzhen, China] The Wukong-Huahua AI Fine-Tuning and Application Competition, hosted by the open source MindSpore Community, is currently enrolling contestants. The competition, with a prize pool of 50,000 RMB, will run until October 18 and is open to AI developers around the world.

Participants can choose to participate in either the Fine-Tuning Competition or the Application Competition, both of which are based on the Wukong-Huahua Foundation model. Winners will not only receive prizes and certificates, but will also be invited to attend the science fiction forum that Huawei will hold in Chengdu, China, later this year.

The theme of the competition is “Science Fiction and Creativity.” There are three sub-themes: (1) “The Symbiosis Era;” (2) “Science Fiction China;” and (3) “extracts from your favorite science fiction works.” Participants need to either fine-tune the Wukong-Huahua model (see below) to create artificial intelligence generated content (AIGC) works or create applications based on the model. The works or applications created need to match one of the three sub-themes. This competition has been designed to encourage science fiction enthusiasts and new AIGC developers to leverage AI to create their own science fiction universes.

The Wukong-Huahua Foundation model is a diffusion model that can generate images based on Chinese text. It was jointly developed by three Huawei teams including Noah’s Ark Laboratory, Central Software Institute’s distributed parallel lab, and the Ascend Computing Domain. The model combines the MindSpore AI framework and Ascend Atlas hardware. It has been trained on the Wukong Dataset, which is the largest multi-modal, Chinese, and open source dataset. The model has strong Chinese text-to-image generation capabilities, and can generate high-quality images depicting different scenes in a variety of styles, delivering a superior user experience.

Huawei’s MindSpore Community Operations Director Hu Xiaoman said, “MindSpore is an open, efficient, and flexible AI framework that is friendly to developers. Since it became open source in 2020, more than 1.98 million developers have joined the MindSpore Community. In addition to driving technological innovation, our MindSpore team works to encourage and facilitate ongoing learning within the community. By holding this competition, we want to attract more developers to join the community and promote the development of the domestic AI framework together.”

MindSpore is a next-generation open source AI framework which covers device, edge, and cloud scenarios. It aims to boost the AI ecosystem by creating new AI programming paradigms, lowering the threshold for developers, and establishing an efficient and flexible AI framework that makes development easier.

Since its launch in 2022, the MindSpore Foundation Model Platform has hosted more than 10 MindSpore Community competitions covering AI image classification, text classification, style transfer, AIGC, and other areas. So far, these competitions have provided excellent opportunities for more than 900 AI developers to showcase their talent and skills.