We Inspire, Innovate and Connect: Xiaomi Celebrates Women in Tech

Beijing, CHINA, In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Xiaomi International launches its Women in Tech video story portraying the lives of three key female figures in Xiaomi with hopes to further inspire, innovate and connect individuals around the world, and to celebrate contributive talents who have helped build and shape the industry. The video story imparts a key message for all those aspiring individuals in the field of technology, “to find your passion and to go for it, to have faith in yourself, and to continue striving in becoming the best version of you.”

Pioneering Vision

Diverse role models provide empowerment in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and technology. Xiaomi’s aim to remove glass ceilings in the field of Technology is described by Yi Yan, General Manager of Shanghai Regional Headquarters as “to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technologies. This mission drives us to work together towards creating a better world.” This inclusivity mindset promotes diversity in tech. Furthermore, this ethos is instilled in Xiaomi’s leadership style as Yi Yan reflects that Xiaomi’s flat organizational structure provides more opportunities for females to maximize their strengths through collaboration with their peers.

When asked what creates a conducive environment for females in tech, Yi Yan recounts how it is important to “offer a supportive environment for all career stages”, expressing that this is key to igniting creativity, hence spurring opportunities for professional growth. She also believes that a collaborative spirit and camaraderie are part and parcel of Xiaomi’s management style, noting that “this creates a mutually beneficial learning environment.”

Relentless Creativity

Beyond its shared vision, Xiaomi is also notable for being committed to building a progressive, dynamic, and nurturing environment for all. Chen Lu, Senior Director of Ecosystem, alludes that this culture that Xiaomi has built is a result of the diverse talent pool in the organization. “Xiaomi attracts top talents in the industry, so there is always diverse thinking around me. This allows me to look at problems from different perspectives. For example, Xiaomi engineers will analyze problems from angles that I have not considered before”. As a tech packaging designer, Chen Lu describes how being able to collaborate with such a varied pool of people in tech is where she can draw new inspiration from, stating this as “an advantage of thought diversity”.

Another progressive thought that Xiaomi exudes is breaking barriers for what defines creativity in tech. Chen Lu’s packaging design process has first-hand experience in this, stating “before joining Xiaomi, I had limited ideas about creativity. I thought creativity was only about creating new visual experiences. At Xiaomi, I learned that creativity is also about solving practical problems, designing new experiences for users, and using design solutions to improve their daily life.”

Being a Catalyst for Success

Abi Go, Spokesperson and keynote speaker for Xiaomi International believes that there is a growing need for an inclusive and transformative mindset in technology, stating that perseverance and passion are admirable characteristics for women in the field of technology. Abi narrates that “growing up, I encountered a culture that viewed women as not tech-savvy, but in reality, many women are tech-minded and passionate about technology and gadgets. The world is full of talented women in tech”.

As an industry leader, Xiaomi provides a nurturing platform for many young talents, and being holistic and inclusive in the way it operates is central to its success. This means having strong empathy and understanding the viewpoint of others. Abi describes this concept as key, particularly in the product development phase where “we are constantly communicating, debating, discussing, and standing from our user’s perspectives, such as giving feedback on how we can co-develop the product better. On the marketing front, we’d take tech jargon and translate them into easy-to-understand language for our users.