Toshiba QKD participated in Asia Tech X Singapore 2023

Toshiba’s QKD business unit participated in the Asia Tech x Singapore – TechXLR9’s Quantum Technology Summit, Asia’s flagship tech event.

Once again, this year, Toshiba collaborated with our strategic partner for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) in Southeast Asia, SpeQtral, to showcase the immense potential of QKD technology. The summit was filled with energy, and the significant increase in attendance compared to the previous year reflected the enthusiasm for exploring the latest innovations in this field.

A notable highlight of the summit was the presence of Mr. Katsuro Ejima, the Chief Evangelist of Toshiba’s QKD business development office, and the co-founder and CEO of SpeQtral, Mr. Lum Chune Yang, as distinguished speakers. They graced the “Visionary Stage” and delivered a presentation on “Empowering Southeast Asia’s Digital Future with Quantum-Secure Communications Networks.” Together, they shared insights into quantum secure communication networks’ progress both globally and in Singapore. The strong partnership between Toshiba and SpeQtral not only showcases the potential of QKD technology but also paves the way for the seamless integration of QKD into secure communication networks. During the ATxSummit Social held on 6 June, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Heng Swee Keat, made a significant announcement. He unveiled the launch of the National Quantum-Safe Network Plus (NQSN+), an initiative aimed at delivering quantum-safe communications across Singapore. Proposals from Singtel and a joint partnership between SPTel and SpeQtral are currently under evaluation by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). This development marks a major stride towards ensuring secure communication in the quantum era.

Toshiba’s three decades of groundbreaking research have made QKD a reality, highlighting our expertise and leadership.  Toshiba’s presence at the summit solidifies our position and highlights our dedication to advancing secure communication technologies.

The Asia Tech x Singapore event provided an exceptional platform for industry players to gather, fostering valuable connections and exploring the possibilities of digitally secured communication across sectors, including quantum, tech, telecoms, satellite, media, and broadcasting.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Toshiba continues to lead the way in secure communication.