Safety Factor: Otis Korea Elevating the Industry With Safety, Technology

Taehong (Terry) Choi accepts the award from the South Korea Ministry of the Interior and Safety. The award reads: “We’re commend you for your contribution to the elevator safety management by faithfully performing your duties.”

We take safety seriously at Otis

This attitude influences the care, controls and processes taken by our colleagues who install and maintain our equipment – always focused on keeping each other and the riding public safe. Government entities often take notice of this dedication too.

Otis Elevator Korea (Otis Korea) was recently recognized for its commitment to safety by the South Korea Ministry of the Interior and Safety.

The award, presented to EH&S Associate Director Taehong (Terry) Choi, acknowledges Otis Korea’s contributions to improving safety within the elevator industry.

“This award recognizes our commitment to safety, a commitment on behalf of all our colleagues and our partners’ colleagues,” said Terry, a 30-year Otis veteran. “Through their efforts, strictly observing Otis safety rules and actively participating in the many safety culture activities, Otis Korea has had zero fatalities for the past eight years. And Otis Korea has been recognized as the elevator company with the best safety record in Korea.”

In addition to a safety culture that emphasizes following specific procedures and rules, Otis colleagues also manage safety directly on the front line. “Not only do managers constantly communicate with their teams about safety, but they also regularly visit project sites to coach field professionals and conduct safety audits,” said Choi.

Technology that enhances safety

In early March, Otis Korea announced the availability of the Gen3™ digitally connected elevator with Otis ONE™ IoT technology, further strengthening its commitment to safety by leveraging technology like smart remote inspection in the event of a service interruption.

Otis ONE also enables our colleagues to access data on our equipment before they head out to a job site. Issues can often be identified and resolved remotely and securely – helping to keep the elevator running safely.

Our eView™ in-cab display – available to Gen3 customers – provides passengers with infotainment content such as news, weather and building information, but importantly in the event of an emergency, passengers can connect and receive assistance from an OTISLINE customer representative via video call through the in-cab display – offering peace of mind and assurance while waiting for help to arrive.

“At Otis, safety is an Absolute. Our goal is always to prevent shutdowns and emergencies. Gen3 with Otis ONE was designed with the safety of our passengers and our field professionals who service and maintain our equipment in mind. Through IoT-based real time monitoring and predictive maintenance we can identify and address potential issues – often before they happen,” said Mark Seo, Head of Service, Otis Korea.