JD.com’s 618 Grand Promotion 2024: Record-Breaking Transaction Volume and Orders with Over 500 Million Users Participating

By 11:59 PM on June 18th, the 2024 JD 618 Grand Promotion set new record for both transaction volume and orders. Under the theme of “Affordability and Quality,” JD.com’s commitment to exceptional user experience and active participation from millions of brands and merchants have been well received by customers, with over 500 million users placed orders during the shopping festival.

Highlights of this year’s JD 618 Grand Promotion include:

83 brands achieved a cumulative transaction volume exceeding RMB 1 billion, and more than 150,000 small and medium-sized merchants saw a 50% increase in sales.

Orders placed on JD Live during livestream sales events increased by more than 200%. JD Cloud’s digital representative, powered by the ChatRhino large language model, was applied in over 5,000 brands’ livestreaming rooms, accumulating over 400,000 hours of livestreaming, 100 million visits, and more than 5 million interactions.

Users and orders in the “10-Billion-Yuan Discount” channel increased by over 150% year-on-year.

The “RMB 9.9-Yuan Order with Free Shopping Channel” offered more than 1 million items, with both user numbers and orders increasing by over 100 times compared to last year. Additionally, the channel introduced the RMB 2-yuan Free Shipping Day, with sales volume growing hundreds of times year-on- year.

JD’s initiative for promoting new products, known as JD Little Magic Cube , saw user numbers grow by more than 70% and orders increase by 130% year-on-year.

On June 17th, JD.com and Hunan TV co-hosted a special gala for the shopping festival, which attracted over 39.7 billion interactions on JD.com during its airtime.

  • Transaction volume of nearly 8,000 fashion, beauty and sports brands increased by over 100% year-on-year, with number of new products in these categories increasing by 380% year-on-year.
  • Transaction volume of gold accessories for babies and pearl necklaces increased by over 100% year-on-year.
  • Transaction volume for Dior and Moncler increased by over 240% year-on-year, and Coach saw transaction volume increase by over 100% year-on-year.
  • New energy products saw strong growth, with transaction volume of EV charging stations increasing by more than 120% year-on-year.
  • Transaction volume of AI hardware products, represented by AI computers, AI mobile phones, AI keyboards and mouses, and AI learning devices, increased by 150% year-on-year.
  • More than 700 home appliance and home product brands saw their transaction volumes increase by over 100% year-on-year. The transaction volume of JD Mall and JD E-Space in 11 cities increased by over 70% year-on-year.
  • Transaction volume of bulky packaging goods sold through JD’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) business, JD Super, increased by 100% year-on-year, with food and beverages, rice and flour, baby products, personal care products, pet goods being the most popular.
  • New products offered by JD Health increased by 438% year-on-year.
  • Over 400 brands on JD.com’s cross-border and import platform, JD Worldwide, saw transaction volume increase by more than 3 times year-on-year.
  • Infant formula, beauty and skin-care gift boxes, electronics including tablets, and brandy spirits were among the best-selling international products. Orders for products with origins from the U.S., Japan, Australia, France, and New Zealand ranked among the top five.
  • JD.com’s European omni-channel retail brand, ochama, witnessed sales volume of electronics increase by 245% year-on-year.
  • Mobile phones and home cleaning products were among the best-selling products in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR, with sales volume increasing by over 3 times year-on-year.
  • The fastest fulfilled order by JD NOW, JD’s on-demand retail business, was delivered within only 9 minutes. Order volume on JD NOW for electronics accessories increased by 177%, and sports and outdoor products by 166% year-on-year.
  • Transaction volume of trade-in orders for home appliance and furniture products increased by over 100% year-on-year in seven cities and provinces including Beijing, Hebei, Hubei, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hainan.
  • JD Super’s “10-billion-yuan agricultural subsidy” drove transaction volume of quality agricultural products to increase by 3 times compared with same period last month.
  • JD Industry’s procurement business saw transaction volume for machine and industrial devices increase by 2.8 times year-on-year.
  • New users for JD Pay increased by 60% year-on-year.

As a leading retailer and supply chain technology and service provider, JD.com’s intelligent infrastructure played a crucial role in this year’s 618 Grand Promotion. JD Cloud’s digital capabilities helped lower comprehensive costs by 28%. The company’s extensive network of over 40 Asia No.1 intelligent logistics parks and hundreds of intelligent warehouses and sorting center ensured swift and reliable delivery services despite the surge in orders. Additionally, JD Property’s (also known as Jingdong Property) integration of rooftop photovoltaic systems across its industrial parks generated 3.73 million kWh of green electricity during the promotion period, supporting a more sustainable supply chain.