Huawei APAC ICT Competition 2023 Attracts Students from 10 Countries

MOE of Indonesia and Huawei will continue their collaborations on smart campus and digital transformation of education in Indonesia.

 [Jakarta, Indonesia] On March 17, winning teams of Huawei APAC Huawei ICT Competition 2023 were announced at its awarding ceremony hosted in Indonesia. The competition has attracted more than 4800 Huawei ICT Academy students and teachers from 290 leading universities and colleges across 10 countries. MOE of Indonesia and Huawei further strengthens their commitment in continuing their collaborations on smart campus and digital transformation of education in Indonesia.

The Asia-Pacific region is a thriving hub for the digital economy, but it has also witnessed a widening gap in ICT talents. To address this issue, Huawei has launched the Huawei ICT Competition with the theme of “Connection, Glory, and Future”. In partnership with universities, Huawei is committed to cultivating talents for the ICT industry that can effectively meet the demands of digital transformation. The Huawei ICT Competition serves as a powerful tool in this mission by empowering students and teachers to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation in the industry.

Opening the awarding ceremony, Mr. Zhang Zhengjun, Vice President of Huawei Asia Pacific (PACD) introduced Huawei’s PIPES talent development model in Asia-Pacific. “Composed by Platforms, Innovation, Professionalism, Experience, and Skills, PIPES is designed to provide tailored training programs for individuals from all walks of life, including the young generation, government officials, ICT practitioners, entrepreneurs, and the general public. With PIPES, we are establishing a robust talent pipeline, not just for ourselves, but also for the digital future of the entire region,” Jun explained.

Dr. Piti Srisangnam, Executive Director of ASEAN Foundation lauded Huawei for consistent commitment and contribution in driving the digital transformation across the region. “Huawei’s innovative technologies and solutions have paved the way for increased connectivity and digitalization, to help ASEAN countries as the new epicenter for the world’s digital growth.”

In his keynote speech, Gen. (Ret.) Moeldoko, Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office (KSP) underlined that human development has become President Joko Widodo’s priority program. Indonesia needs to prepare 9 million digital talents by 2030. “Indonesian digital talents have the opportunity to compete in the global arena if we let them be trained and prepared well. I warmly welcome Huawei’s initiative to hold the Huawei Asia Pacific ICT competition in Indonesia so that it can further shape the digital ecosystem and motivate digital talents in Indonesia. The Huawei ICT competition can also be an effective platform in scouting and developing the best digital talent.”

Prof. Ir. Nizam, M.Sc., DIC., Ph.D., IPM., Asean Eng., Director General of Higher Education, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, the Republic of Indonesia, said, “This Huawei ICT Competition can be one of the yardsticks that helps measure our digital talents’ level of global competitiveness. We hope our students can use this golden opportunity to benchmark their ICT knowledge and broaden their perspectives. This competition will also provide the necessary feedback for us so that we can continuously upgrade our effectiveness and efficiency in digital talent cultivation. The transformation of technology implies an enhancement of Indonesia’s human capacity to utilize advancements in science and technology. This goes beyond being mere users and entails becoming part of the creation of technology.”

Moreover, the voices from the younger generation were encouraged and acknowledged. Iona Dominique, a representative from the champion team of last year’s regional Seeds for the Future Program, one of Huawei’s flagship initiatives, also shared her takes on digital talents with the officials and executives present during the Q&A session.

Huawei is dedicated to investing in the creation of a robust talent ecosystem. To that purpose, it has made over 300 courses available for free, more than 700 programs available, and can accommodate more than 100,000 students learning online simultaneously. Huawei intends to develop a talent ecosystem for education, diverse industries, and the general public by forming talent alliances, integrating talent standards, and enhancing talent skills. Via the ICT Academy and ICT Competition, Huawei has currently formed partnerships with 290 universities and nurtured over 51,000 digital talents in Asia-Pacific. Going forward, it will continue to collaborate with government organizations, higher education institutions, training institutions, and industry partners to promote the growth and employment of ICT talents in the region.