Genesis Research Institute Renamed “Toyota Konpon Research Institute”

With a fresh new start, the institute seeks to connect with diverse researchers, contributing to the happiness of mankind and a sustainable Earth

Since its establishment in 1996, the Genesis Research Institute has contributed to the happiness of mankind and a sustainable Earth. Through comprehensive fundamental research that brings together disciplines such as natural science and the humanities, the institute has helped to further the development of energy and environmental technologies. Twenty-seven years on, society finds itself in an era of great transformation, with the rise of AI and advances in various other fields of science and technology.

In the midst of these changes, we have been exploring ways for the institute to continue evolving while carrying on our founding vision. We have concluded that, particularly in such periods of change, our role as “an institute that researches what to research” becomes increasingly important, allowing us to make a greater contribution to society by focusing on fundamental research.

Collaborating with researchers from across academia, we will continue seeking and exploring areas of fundamental research that can lead to new multi-disciplinary scientific achievement. We will also strive to create opportunities for people within the Toyota Group, who will play a part in shaping the future of society, to engage with the latest developments and cultivate their interest in science.

To mark this new beginning, we are renaming ourselves the “TOYOTA KONPON RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INC.,” adopting the globally-recognized TOYOTA name with the aim of attracting a diverse group of the world’s top researchers. We will continue to broadly promote the institute and seek more like-minded partners to pursue research that meets the needs of our times.