Forward Thinking: GE Aerospace’s Türkiye Technology Center Opens New Location

GE Aerospace engineers can now be found in Istanbul’s Kartal district, at the brand-new Maya office tower. As part of the GE Aerospace Türkiye Technology Center (TTC), they’re engaged in design and engineering work on some of the company’s most forward-focused projects, including the GE9X engine, software solutions, additive manufacturing, and the CFM RISE program.*

The new TTC campus, whose official opening on June 7 was attended by officials including Mehmet Fatih Kac?r, minister of industry and technology for the Republic of Türkiye, will house nearly 400 engineers and technicians. The TTC forms an important part of GE Aerospace’s significant footprint in Türkiye, which includes thousands of engines flying with major airlines; support of the country’s defense capabilities; and the major engine components manufacturer TEI, a joint venture with Turkish Aerospace Industries.

“As a global company serving customers around the world, we are proud that the work of the TTC engineers supports programs both close to home and further abroad,” said Aybike Molbay, general manager of the TTC and a leader in Türkiye’s aviation industry. “We have cultivated a team of highly skilled, diverse project teams which have the expertise and experience to push the boundaries of innovation.”

Complementing the design and software engineering work being done primarily in the new Kartal location are the TTC’s labs, 20 miles down the coast in Gebze. The teams there will provide prototyping as well as manufacturing and repair engineering solutions. The Gebze facilities include an Additive Research Lab, which supports GE Aerospace’s drive to expand use of 3D-printed components in aircraft engines; a Thermofluid Lab, which conducts advanced thermal technology tests as part of new product and ongoing product enhancement; and an Advanced Manufacturing and Repair Shop, which works on prototypes to support technology maturation and product readiness.


An Important Role in an Important Market

The aviation industry is a key part of Türkiye’s economic development plans, a fact made clear by the notable figures present at the Kartal office opening. “Türkiye is a vibrant market in a vital region for us,” said Mohamed Ali, vice president and general manager of engineering for GE Aerospace, “providing a highly skilled workforce and keeping us close to both commercial and defense customers.”

The teams at TTC and GE Aerospace’s other operations in the country will have a front-row seat as the fruits of their labor take off and land at airports across Türkiye for decades to come — as well as with customers around the world.

“All the work we perform here is crucial to our mission to invent the future of flight, including our work on the RISE program, which represents a new set of engineering ambitions,” Molbay said. “We are proud to collaborate with colleagues here and around the world in making progress toward the industry’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050.”